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Street Sweeping Districts


DISTRICT #1  (Year Round District) - Front Street to 10th Street, Chew to Sumner Ave., and from 4th to Front, from Chew to Union Streets.

DISTRICT #2 (Year Round District) -  10th to 17th Street from Martin Luther King Jr Drive to Sumner Avenue 

DISTRICT #3 - North of Hamilton Street: 23rd Street to Ott Street from Chew Street to Tilghman Street
                        South of Hamilton Street: 17th to 23rd Streets from South to Tilghman Streets.

DISTRICT #4 -   Club Ave. to Catasauqua Ave. & Point; North of Union Blvd. (Including Union Blvd.)

DISTRICT #5 - Club Ave. to Fenwick St.; Union Blvd. to Hanover Ave. (Includes area around Dieruff High School)

DISTRICT #6 - Club Ave. to Aubrey St.; South of Hanover Ave. (Includes Hanover Ave.)

DISTRICT #7 - S. Bradford St. to S.W. 31st St.; South of Emaus Ave.

DISTRICT #9  (Year Round District) -  4th to 12th St from Union to Chew Streets as posted. 

DISTRICT #8 - S.W. 26th St. to S.W. 32nd St.; North of Emaus Ave. (Includes Alton Park Area.)

DISTRICT #10 - Emaus Ave. North to Barber St.; Chapel Ave. East to Gilmore St. and Basin St. to Skyline Drive

DISTRICT #11 - South 12th St. to Chapel Ave.; Emaus Ave. to Susquehanna St.

DISTRICT #12 - Vultee St. to S. 5th St.; Lehigh St. to 8th St. Underpass.  Vultee St. to Martin Luther King Jr. Drive; Lehigh St. North to Schreiber's Bridge.

DISTRICT #13 - Hamilton Park, Union Terrace West to the City Line; Hamilton Blvd.  South to East Texas Blvd.

DISTRICT #14 - 23rd St. West to City Line; Tilghman St. to Hamilton Blvd.

DISTRICT #15 - 19th St. West to City Line; Tilghman St. North to City Line

DISTRICT #16 - 12th St. to 19th St.; Sumner Ave. North to City Line