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Recycle Reporting Guidelines

PA State Act 101, and Allentown Ordinance No. 12993, as amended, mandates recycling for all residents and businesses (institutions, non-profit organizations, churches, daycares, licensed food establishments, etc.). You are required by law to provide a yearly recycling report to the City of Allentown Recycling Coordinator. The deadline for reports is January 31 of the following year; the report must include all recycling data from the previous year.

Reports are mailed to the mailing address associated with the business license. Reports are sent out in December of every year. Business Recycling Reports and Apartment Recycling Reports may be submitted in one of two manners:


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Filing the Annual Recycling Report with the City of Allentown

Q: Why does the City need this information?

A: The City is required by law to file an annual report that documents the amount of tonnage by material recycled in the City for the prior year, with the Dept. of Environmental Protection.  To file this report, we need information from the businesses, organizations, and residences in the municipality.  This information also verifies that all businesses, organizations, establishments and residences are recycling and maintaining records of their recycling efforts, as per the City ordinance.


Q: I am the owner of a business that leases/rents space, does the property owner or landlord, complete the annual Business Recycling Report?

A: It is the responsibility of the businesses owner to secure trash and recycling service, not the property owner.  If this service is included in your lease, the property owner or landlord may complete the Business Recycling report.  If this service is not included in your lease, it is the business owner’s responsibility to enroll into City collection, if eligible, or contract privately for trash and recycling collection.


Q: The hauler I pay to remove trash and recycling materials files a report on my behalf.  Do you still need a Business Recycling report from me?

A: Yes, as a form of checks and balances a completed Business Recycling Report will ensure that the hauler you are paying to remove your recycling material has provided documentation that you are a customer and your business is in compliance of City Ordinance and State law.  If your contracted hauler does not report to the City on your behalf, it is the business owner’s responsibility to obtain and submit the proper documentation for the previous year’s recycled material. 


Q: I run a small business and bring my recycling to the City of Allentown Drop-Off Center, do I still need to file a report?

A: Yes, please let us know which items are recycled at your business location and submit a copy of the receipts provided to you by the Drop-Off attendant.

Contact Information
Recycling & Solid Waste
641 South 10th Street
Allentown, PA 18103

Stevie VanWagenen
Recycling Coordinator

Documents & Information
Annual Recycling Reports

2016 Business Recycling Report 

Instrucciones para Informes Comerciales

2016 Apartment Recycling Report 

2016 Commercial Property Owner Report 

Please note, if a private hauler is contracted, the hauler may report the tonnage to the City of Allentown on behalf of their customers. If a hauler does not report to the City of Allentown, it is the responsibility of the property business owner to report the tonnage and obtain weight slips and/or other forms of documentation as evidence.