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Business Recycling

PA State Act 101, and Allentown Ordinance No. 12993, as amended, mandates recycling for all residents, apartment complexes, businesses, non-profit organizations, daycares, churches, group homes, schools, hospitals, and other institutions. Businesses are asked to place recycling receptacles throughout the workplace and post signs at collection areas that identify recyclable materials.

Materials that must be recycled:
  • Newspaper
  • Mixed & Office Paper
  • Hard & Soft Covered Books
  • Cardboard & Paperboard
  • Glass Bottles & Jars
  • Metal Cans & Appliances
  • Plastic Bottles & Containers #1- #7
  • White Goods (Metal Appliances)
  • Yard Waste
  • Food & Beverage Containers

Collection Options


Businesses that generate small quantities of trash and recyclables that are along a residential route are eligible and may apply for City Curbside Collection. City Curbside Collection includes twice a week curbside trash collection (5 trash bag limit or 2 trash can limit [32-gallon maximum] per collection night) and once a week curbside recycling collection (unlimited). The 2022 annual collection service fee is $375. Commercial property owners interested in contracting for City Collection on behalf of their tenants must contact Samantha Jackson to obtain the supplemental application.

Single Stream Recycling. Easier than ever, just mix it together! You can still use the old blue and green bins.

How to place cardboard out for City Collection: Flattened and tied with twine, or flattened and secured in a cardboard box.



Businesses not eligible for City Curbside Collection must contract with a private licensed hauler for both trash and recycling and comply with the City’s mandatory recycling requirements.

Businesses may also bring their recyclables to the Allentown Drop-Off Center or a licensed processing facility. Businesses must submit weight slips or receipts with their Annual Recycling Report to show materials recycled and tonnage.

Tickets and citations are issued for trash, litter and recycling violations. Using the City trash or recycling collection program without paying for it, not recycling the required materials, littered properties and poor trash handling procedures are violations and subject to fines.

Additional Services

 The Bureau of Recycling is offering Shredding Services to City of Allentown businesses. Services are by appointment, please call 610-437-8729. Staples are okay. No paper clips, plastic folders, binder clips, 3 ring binders, etc.Allentown Recycling Drop-Off Center. 1400 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Open 24/7. Corrugated cardboard, paperboard boxes, glass bottles and jars, beverage cartons and drink boxes, mixed color paper and magazines, books and phone books, cans, aluminum foil and pie plates, newspapers, plastic bottles and containers, metal items, clothing, shoes, hats, and drapes. No trash, debris, wood, styrofoam or construction materials.

Contact Information
Samantha Jackson
Recycling Coordinator
610-437-8729 ext. 2585

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