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Office of Compliance


To monitor, oversee, and respond as appropriate to ensure compliance with the Lease Agreement and Standards of Practice by Lehigh County Authority in operating and maintaining the City’s water and sewer systems.


  • Hardship Grant Program
    • If you need help paying your LCA bill and meet the program eligibility requirements, you can apply for a grant, up to a maximum amount of $300.
    • See the Lehigh County Authority website for eligibility requirements.
  • Inflow and Infiltration Source Reduction Improvement Cycle 1:

Contact Information
Brian Chamberlain
Compliance Auditor
Phone: 610-437-7587
Fax: 610-437-7614

Jennifer McKenna
Compliance Auditor
Phone: 610-437-7587
Fax: 610-437-7614

Jeikenelys Lopez
Office Manager
Phone: 610-437-7650
Fax: 610-437-7614