Traffic Planning & Control
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Traffic Planning & Control

Inside the Bureau - Traffic Planning and Control with Council Member Candida Affa

The Bureau of Traffic Planning & Control provides for a safe and efficient transportation network through the following activities:
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of traffic control devices including traffic signals, traffic signs, and pavement markings.
  • Investigate complaints and requests for new and/or changes to existing traffic control devices.
  • Prepare traffic studies including capacity analyses, traffic counts, speed surveys, and accident analyses.
  • Provide illumination of City streets through the installation and maintenance of street lights.



  • There are 195 signaled intersections in the City of Allentown.
  • There are 49 flashing School Warning Devices in the City of Allentown.
  • There are 15 other flashing devices such as pedestrian crossings.


  • There are 32 miles of painted double yellow center lines in the City.
  • There are 9 miles of skip white and long white lines.
  • There are 348 intersections with painted crosswalks.
  • There are 227 Left/Right turn arrows and ONLY'S.


  • There are 7961 Street lights in the City of Allentown.
Contact Information

Nelson Varughese
Traffic Control Superintendent
Fax: 610-437-7614

Curtis Xander
Traffic Maintenance Supervisor
Fax: 610-437-8722

General Traffic Phone Number