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Bureau of Recycling & Solid Waste


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In 2019, Allentown and your neighbors helped retrievr recycle 50 tons of electronics, clothing, and accessories.

For 2020, get a jump start on your resolution to recycle more with retievr's trade-in program: for a limited time, retrievr is offering up to $97 for used smartphones and up to $40 for select apparel brands. Items must be in great condition or better, showing minimal signs of wear.

retrievr will continue to collect and recycle any electronics and clothing on their accepted items list that do not meet the trade-in program standards. Visit retrievr for more details.

 Recycle unwanted clothing and electronics right from your door. It's easy to get started. Simply visit or text PICKUP to 757-70-FETCH. See the list of items retrievr collects, TV fees in your area, and other FAQ at

Reporting a missed trash or recycling collection?
Here are a few things to remember:

  • Trash and recycling must be placed at the curb between 5:00pm and 10:00pm.
  • The hauler has until 12:00 noon the following day to finish collections.
  • Prior to reporting a miss, check to see if your neighbor’s trash and/or recycling has been collected. It’s possible they haven’t been to your area yet.
  • Any item rejected at the curb must be removed within 12 hours.
  • For collections in the Friday night collection zone, please call the office by 10:00am Saturday and leave a detailed message on the answering machine to ensure your missed items will be collected by 1:00pm.
  • Misses reported after 10:00am on Saturday will be collected by 10:00am Monday morning according to the City’s contract.

  • Too much recycling. In the event that you have excess recycling that won't fit in your city issued recycling bin, please call our office at 610-437-8729 for set out instructions.


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