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Green & Gray Stormwater Infrastructure Projects

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

When rain falls in natural areas, the water is absorbed and filtered by soil and plants. In urban areas, the rain water cannot absorb into the ground. This stormwater flows over hard surfaces, picking up pollution and carrying it into nearby waterways.

Green infrastructure uses vegetation, soils, and other elements to restore the natural processes required to manage and clean stormwater.

Scheduled Projects

  • 6th Street and Sumner Avenue Rain Garden
    A Growing Greener Grant will be used to construct this rain garden beginning in August 2019. Initial BMP Effectiveness Calculations estimate pollutant reduction benefits for the Jordan Creek as: Phosphorus = 27 lb./yr.; Nitrogen = 224 lb./yr.; Total Suspended Solids = 17,000 lb./yr.

Gray Stormwater Infrastructure

Traditional stormwater infrastructure, called gray infrastructure, includes storm drains and pipes which concentrate and move stormwater away from the built environment and into streams, untreated.

The City’s oldest stormwater pipes are over 100 years old.

Crews routinely inspect and rank pipe integrity using closed circuit television (CCTV).

Scheduled Projects

The following lining projects will begin on September 3, 2019, and will be completed within two weeks, depending on the weather.

  • S. Fountain St. - Cumberland St. to W Susquehanna St.
  • S. Fountain St. - Wyoming St. to Cumberland St.
  • E. Washington St. – N. Kearney St. to N. Jerome St.
  • S. Delp St. – E. Adams St. to E. Juniata St.
  • S. Albert St. – E. Juniata St. to E Potter St.
  • N. Jerome St. – E. Linden St. to E Turner St.
  • N. Jerome St. – E. Hamilton St. to E Linden St.
  • N. Irving St. – E. Linden St. to E. Turner St.
  • N. Jerome St. – E. Cedar St. to E. Washington St.
  • W. Susquehanna St. – S. Lumber St. to S. Snyder St.
  • Walnut St. - 8th St. to S. Hall St.
  • 700 Block of Maple St.
  • 00 Block of S. Hall St.

Additional Information
Per the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Draft,
2018 Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report, segments of the five streams and Lehigh River which flow throw the City are impaired.