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Current Programs & Projects

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Current Programs & Projects

Healthy Home Production Program

Lead Hazard Control & Healthy Home Program

Grants Available to Qualified Homeowners & Landlords with Income Qualified Tenants
Peeling paint on a window sill.

Hidden Dangers
Lead paint will not always be as noticeable as the photo to the left, and not all poisoning comes through the ingesting of paint chips. Lead dust can be invisible to the naked eye. Areas such as doors and windows that have friction and impact surfaces can generate lead dust causing lead poisoning through inhalation. Understanding where lead hazards exist in the home and having them properly controlled by a certified lead abatement contractor can help prevent child lead poisoning and its irreversible effects.

How the Program Works
The City of Allentown has received funding through the Federal HUD Lead Hazard Reduction & Healthy Homes Grant to address lead paint and healthy home hazards in residential properties. This funding is available at no cost to qualified homeowner’s and landlords of income qualified tenants. The homes must be occupied or frequently visited by a child under the age of 6.

Interested owners must contact our Program Coordinator to request an application and provide requested documentation. Once approved, a lead risk assessment and a healthy home inspection will be completed. City staff will prepare a scope of work to address the identified hazards and the project will be completed by approved and licensed lead abatement contractors. Occupants may be temporarily relocated until work is complete. The home will be retested for traces of lead dust and once cleared the family will be permitted to return home.

Who is eligible?
Homeowners and landlords who own a residential property in the City of Allentown, built prior to 1978 and occupied by a pregnant woman and/or children age 6 or younger. The occupants must have a combined income at or below 80% of the median household income.

The chart below shows the maximum amount of combined income allowed per family size.

Table of maximum amount of combined income allowed per family size.
If you would like additional information, please email