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Cultural Flag Raising Policies and Procedures

  1. Cultural groups residing inside the City of Allentown may request a flag raising event by calling the Mayor’s Office at (610) 437-7575.
    • When there is a conflict between groups wanting to represent the same culture, priority will be given to City of Allentown residents, and groups with 501(c) 3 within the city.
    • Cultural groups outside the city may request a flag raising, as long as there are no groups within the city with a similar request.
    • In the case where there is more than one group requesting the flag raising ceremony that conforms to 1(a), the groups themselves must come to a mutual agreement. Due to calendar time constraints two requests for the same flag rising will not be honored.

  2. The Mayor or a representative of the Mayor will attend the ceremony to acknowledge the cultural group’s contribution to the city.

  3. Once a date has been scheduled, rescheduling the event may not be an option due to calendar time constraints.

  4. Flag raising requests may not be made any earlier then three months prior to the actual event date.

  5. Language for proclamations must be provided via e-mail to Jay Lopez, no later than three weeks prior to the event date.