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Step 4: Plan Review

The majority of permit applications are for simple projects that do not require extensive plan review. In these instances permits can be issued immediately. If your project requires the Code Official and other professionals to review your plans, it may take several days to complete the plan review and to receive your permit.

As part of the review process, the Code Official will determine if your project is in compliance with the construction codes, with zoning ordinances and with other municipal or state ordinances and statutes. Depending on your project, your plan may be reviewed by any of the following City offices: Building Construction, Zoning, Planning, Health, Fire, Engineering.

If the Code Official determines that your plans are in compliance with construction codes, zoning ordinances and other applicable regulations, the application is approved and a permit is issued. You will be notified when your plans are approved.

If your proposed plans are not approved, the Code Official will tell you why and your application (as submitted) will be denied. If you are refused a permit, you can revise your plans to correct the code violations or appeal the decision.