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The Allentown Police Department is closed to the public for renovations.  To get a copy of a police report please click on REPORTS on the left hand side for instructions.  

The Allentown Police Department is excited to announce that filing a police report for specific incidents is becoming easier with the Citizen Crime Reporter Application. This report application is designed for reporting incidents that are not actively happening and which occurred within the City of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

This application is for reports of thefts (less than $200.00 in value), vandalism (less than $2000.00 in value), lost property, retail theft (no suspects), and graffiti. These types of reports only. 

The link below will direct you to the reporting screen. On there you will be provided a tracking number. Keep the last three digits of this number to reference the entry. Once you are finished with all the required questions, please use the submit button to record your input.

This is NOT an Official Police Report

This entry will generate only a tracking number. This entry will not become an official police report until an Officer creates a police incident number for it.

Please call 610-437-7753 with any questions you may have.