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Immigrant and Multi-Cultural Affairs



  • Allentown Parking Authority - The Allentown Parking Authority manages, supervises and administers an efficient system of both on-street and off-street parking within the City. 610-841-9090
  • Street Cleaning - Snow removal and emergency, please call our Snow Hotline at 610-437-SNOW (7669). You can receive any updates regarding plowing or additional information about snow operations.
  • Street Closures and no parking

Recycling & Solid Waste

  • Provides safe and proper collection and disposal of municipal waste and reduction of municipal solid waste in the City through recycling, composting, and waste reduction. To promote a cleaner and greener Allentown.
  • SWEEP provides complaint and pro-active, outreach, education and enforcement of Allentown’s municipal waste, recycling and neighborhood improvement ordinances. Residents, property owners and business owners are informed of the ordinance requirements and SWEEP officers address trash, litter and recycling problems to attain compliance. For a more detailed list of our enforcement efforts, click here to visit our recycling page.



Know your Fundamental Rights (Resources)

  • District Justices
  • Diocese of Allentown


Our Business Development team's goal is to make it easier for companies in Allentown to start, operate, and expand. We'll provide assistance to business owners, fosters neighborhood development in commercial districts, and promote financial and economic opportunity.

Click here for more information about our Business Development Office.


Public Schools

All children in Pennsylvania have the right to a free public school education. Immigrant and refugee children do not need a green card, visa, passport, alien registration number, social security number, or proof of citizenship or immigration status to register for school.

To enroll, the child will need proof that his or her parent lives in a given district. If the child lives with an adult other than a parent, the adult will have to prove that he or she lives in the district and is caring for the child for free. The Allentown School District (ASD) serves all students residing in Allentown city limits.

Charter Schools

Pennsylvania also has public charter schools, which are not operated by school districts. Although charter schools receive taxpayer dollars, they operate with greater independence and flexibility than public schools.

To attend a charter school, the child will need to prove where his or her parent lives. However, the parent need not live in the district in which the charter school is located. Unlike schools operated by school districts, charter schools can refuse to accept new students once they are full.

Charter schools cannot require students to provide any immigration papers or information about their immigration status.


Trade Schools

Adult Education

English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • Dual Language
  • Main Streaming

Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs Home

Welcome to the Mayors Office of Immigrant Affairs

Mayor’s Office of Immigrant and Multi-Cultural Affairs promotes the well-being of immigrant communities by providing information and programs that facilitate successful integration of immigrants into the civic, economic, and cultural life of the City. We believe that active participation of immigrants in all arenas leading to the leveraging of skills and strengthens, ensuring our city continues to grow to be a place where people want to live, enjoy and do business in.

For Immigrants in Allentown

We can identify which city services you can access, find a community-based organization that can address your needs, call 610 437-7743.

For Community-Based Organizations Serving Immigrants

We can help you find the appropriate City agency to assist you with referrals or resources and arrange a conversation with the appropriate City official to address a concern in your community, call 610 437-7743.