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Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services

The Mayor's Office of Constituent Services (OCS) provides a direct linkage between the residents of Allentown and the Mayor's Office in an effort to make Allentown a cleaner, safer city; provide quality customer service in a cost efficient manner and foster good community relations.

The Office of Constituent Services acts as the Mayor's representatives to the community at large to ensure that residents are receiving information on City services in a cost efficient and timely manner. OCS addresses residents concerns and complaints by collaborating with City agencies and offers an avenue for residents to voice their concerns and suggestions on improvements of city services. Additionally, OCS provides information on a variety of issues and makes appropriate referrals to other government entities and human services programs.

By working with residents and community organizations proactive methods are developed to resolve community issues and crisis situations. Staff members attend community meetings to keep residents informed of city services and work to resolve any issues that they may be facing.

The Office of Constituents Services networks with social services agencies, communities, businesses and religious organizations to promote cooperation, creative initiatives and involvement with the City. OCS supports and advocates for a higher quality of life for all residents of the City of Allentown.


  • Collaborates with citizens, community organizations, businesses to provide information to residents on City services and to quickly address community issues and concerns
  • Interfaces with city agencies to facilitate complaint resolution in a timely and efficient manner
  • Aligns with community partners to ensure projects that enhance the lives of the citizens in Allentown are cascaded thoroughly
  • Provides information during community crisis situations

We work with the department heads and community groups to assist residents with city services and programs.   Please contact us if you...

  • Need information about city services.
  • Have suggestions to improve city services.
  • Need advice with tenant or landlord issues.
  • Have questions and issues concerning accessibility for people with a disability.
  • Are concerned about human rights issues in Allentown.
  • Need translation services in Chinese and Vietnamese.
  • Want information about activities for children and families.
  • Want speakers for your community group on city and constituent services.
  • Need services to help your family.
  • Have a concern or problem you need resolved.