Capital Improvement Projects
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Parks & Recreation Capital Improvements

Signage Plan

The City of Allentown completed a Master Way-Finding Signage Plan for the park system, and portions of this plan are being implemented as funding permits.

Aquatics Facilities Renovations

The City of Allentown is currently undergoing an assessment of its aquatics facilities and developing plans and construction documents for renovations to pools and spray parks throughout the city. The brand new Cedar Pool opened for the 2018 season.

Jordan Creek Greenways Trail:

A proposed trail is currently undergoing design to connect Turner Street to MacArthur Road. The trail will close a vital gap in a multi-municipality project to connect the City of Allentown to the Appalachian Trail along the Jordan Creek.

Dixon St. Dog Park:

A two-acre dog park will open soon in Trout Creek Parkway . The design includes two areas to accommodate smaller and larger dogs, as well as a permitting process to ensure dogs are licensed, vaccinated and supervised by responsible pet owners. For more information or to sign your dog up, please contact the Parks & Recreation Office at 610-437-7750.

Golf Course Improvements:

City staff continued work on the overall tree management plan at Allentown Municipal Golf Course. During the winter of 2017-18, approximately 30 trees were identified as overgrown or hazardous and removed, and an additional 15 trees were pruned. The focus of the improvements is to improve turf health and playability of the course. Golfers will notice a more open feel and appreciate the unique topography and architectural features Allentown has to offer.

Jordan Park Skate Park:

Designs for a skate park in the former clay tennis courts at Jordan Park were completed in winter 2017-18 using community input from public meetings held during 2017. Construction documents will be completed in 2018 and additional funding will be sought to complete Phase I of the two-phase project.

Valania Park Master Plan:

A master plan will be completed in 2018, following an extensive community input process in 2017. The initial project includes playground, basketball court and tree improvements. The city is pursuing funding and grant opportunities to complete work outlined in the plan.

Andre Reed/Irving Park Master Plan:

A master planning process will be completed in 2018, with public meetings being held in the community to solicit input for park layout. Click here for the community meetings flyer.

Auburn Cross Trails Master Plan

The City of Allentown Parks and Recreation Department has undertaken a Park Master Planning Project. The study area is located in the southcentral portion of the City and is bounded by Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Basin Street and Auburn Street. The City plans to create a new park that will link surrounding neighborhoods and residents to natural resources and open space in the area. The park will include walking/bicycling trails and other amenities. Please complete the following survey to help us better understand your needs related to park and recreational facilities in the City.

El Departamento de Parques y Recreaciones de la ciudad de Allentown a emprendido en un projecto de planificacion maestra para parques y zonas de recreacion dedicado a sus residentes. La zona de estudio y enfoque en esta ocación esta ubicada en la parte Sur Central de la ciudad de Allentown y delimitada por las siguientes calles: Martin Luther King Drive, Calle Basin y Calle Auburn. La Ciudad the Allentown planea crear un nuevo parque que vincule vecindarios aledaños y sus residentes con los recursos naturales y los espacios libres de esta zona. El parque incluirá senderos de caminar, ciclismo y otros cómodos servicios para aquellos que lo utilizen. Queremos oír de ustedes y por esta razón le pedimos que por favor complete la siguiente encuesta para ayudarnos a mejor comprender sus necesidades relacionadas con los parques y las instalacciones recreativas de la ciudad.

Up and Coming Projects:

A design consultant will be selected to develop a master plan for Auburn Cross Trails Park, a new park that will be located at the site of the City's former Incinerator. The City will also begin a project to design the MLK Trail, which will ultimately connect Auburn Cross Trails Park to Lehigh Parkway and secure funding for the restoration of Bogert's Bridge.