Good-bye Letter and Video

“…this is a good-bye, thank you, keep the faith letter and on the other hand…

” A llentown Weed and Seed, the local, state and federal community revitalization initiative with the odd name, merged with the Jordan Heights Revitalization initiative effective January 2012. Our chair and co-chair joined the Jordan Heights steering committee and our sub-committees continue to meet.

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Weed and Seed Superheroes

…Weed and Seed gave the community a terrific resource of leadership…” Please watch our good-bye video which describes the Weed and Seed good deeds by the Weed and Seed Heroes.

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About Weed and Seed

Allentown's Weed and Seed strategy is to "weed" out drug trafficking, violent crimes and related offenses through coordinated law enforcement and community policing; and to "seed" the designated areas with prevention, intervention and treatment programs designed to meet the communities' needs for human services, employment and economic development, youth development and housing. Furthermore, Allentown's initiative works closely with residents by providing ongoing resident leadership training and by requiring resident involvement in all aspects of the initiative. Weed and Seed links federal, state, and local social services, private sector plus community efforts, to maximize the impact of existing community programs and resources. A component of the City's Community and Economic Development Department, the Weed and Seed initiative enhances Allentown's growth and development.