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Allentown Police Academy

*This is not where you submit or acquire paperwork to apply for the Allentown Police Department as a Police Officer*          


The City of Allentown is home to one of the finest police training facilities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The Allentown Police Academy has been in existence since 1959.  Over 2850 officers from 187 different municipalities have been trained at our facility.


Our facility offers the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) Act 120 Basic Recruit Training Program.  This is a 919 hour training program geared for municipal police officers.  The program consists of 20 subject areas.  There are academic as well as hands-on training classes.  Some of the classes you will have are:  Criminal Law, Vehicle Code, Firearms, Defensive Tactics, First Aid, Patrol Procedures and Investigations, plus many more. 


There are 27 written tests plus several practical tests that you must pass.

Applications for the 107th Police Academy Class is now open. This class will begin January 2021.


Classes begin in the months of January and July.  The next available class will start in January 2021. Applications are due September 1, 2020.


Class hours are Monday – Friday, 0730 – 1730 hours daily.  In addition there are a few night classes – 1800-2000 hours.   100% attendance is required.


The tuition is $6000 and is non-refundable.  There are no student loans or grants available for the course unless you are a veteran.   We are approved by the VA for education benefits.    Tuition must be paid in full two weeks before class starts.


Other expenses you will have are:  uniforms (classroom and physical fitness), handgun and related gear, and testing fees.


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Contact Information

Chief Glenn Granitz Jr., M.S.,CJA 
School Director

Sergeant Kyle Pammer

Assistant School Director
Training Sergeant

Sergeant Christopher Weiss
Training Sergeant

Leonard Fritzinger
Training Officer

Michael Yetter
Training Officer

Donna Cocco
Administrative Assistant

Phone: 610.437.7744

Act 120 / Pre-Service Application
Use this application to register as a civilian entering the Academy as a self-sponsored student; i.e. NOT hired by a police department.

Application if Hired
Use this application if hired, and attendance sponsored, by a police department of the Commonwealth.

Release and Indemnification Agreement

Application Disclosure

Authorization for Background Check