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Law Enforcement Training Schedule

*Training restricted to Police and Military*

 Training Schedule 2017 (All classes listed below are hosted at the Allentown Police Academy)

8/21-8/25:  FBI LEEDA – Command Leadership Institute 

9/15:     Sobriety Checkpoint (SCP) 8-Hour Class Team DUI Pennsylvania DUI Association 

9/18-9/22:  Penn State Justice and Safety Institute – POSIT


10/16-10/18:  Penn State Justice and Safety Institute -  Field Training Officer  (FTO)

10/23-10/27: PSP Municipal Police Firearms Instructor Class -

10/30-11/3:  FBI LEEDA – Executive Leadership Institute 

11/6-11/17:  Penn State Justice and Safety Institute -  POLEX 


4/15-4/20:     Singleton International - AR/MP5 instructor 

4/24-4/25:     Criminal Investigation Techniques

4/26-4/27:     Cell Phone Investigation Techniques

5/21-5/22:     Patrol Officer Drug Investigations

5/23-5/24:     Fentanyl - Drug Trends, Investigation and Officer Safety