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Vice and Intelligence Unit

The Allentown Police Department Vice & Intelligence Unit is responsible for:

  • Collecting, maintaining, and disseminating drug-related criminal intelligence information.
  • Coordinating the Department's seizure and forfeiture of assets discovered during drug investigations.
  • Providing drug law enforcement training to Department members
  • Supervising the Department drug purchase/informant funding program.
  • Coordinating financial investigations into drug traffickers by systematically identifying the origin and nexus between drug money and other assets.
  • Investigating the illegal distribution, sale, and use of drugs.


Further, they investigate gambling, prostitution, illegal traffic in narcotics, and the illegal operation of liquor establishments, provide fertile ground for organized criminal activity which adversely affects the entire community. Various conditions and organized crime activities are not to be tolerated in any form for any reason. Each and every officer is charged with the responsibility to report or take appropriate action concerning any known or suspected violation. Official policy and procedural statements should be used as an aid in properly repressing and preventing this type of activity.

Contact Information:

Lieutenant Brian Brader

Sergeant Alex De La Iglesia

Sergeant Randy Fey

Phone: (610) 437-7726
Fax: (610) 820-7062