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Police Records

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Police reports & accident reports:

Due to Covid restrictions:
Effective immediately, if you need to obtain a copy of a Police report or accident report, please send a letter to us with:
Phone number
Date of incident
Incident number (if you have the information)
Location of occurrence

Include a check or money order payable to "City of Allentown" for $15 for each report you need.  Please also include a self addressed stamped envelope. 

Mail to :  
For an incident report:                                                                                      
                Allentown Police Department      
                Attn: Police Records                         
                425 W. Hamilton St                         
                Allentown, Pa 18101                                                                             

For an accident report:                                                                                          
               Allentown Police Department
               Attn: Traffic Office
               425 W. Hamilton St
               Allentown, Pa 18101

Please bare in mind the US Postal service is running slow.  It may take a week for the request to get to our offices and then a week to get back to you.  We are handling the request daily and mailing them out daily.  So please be patient.  

We will update in this page when this procedure has changed back to normal.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Con efecto inmediato hasta nuevo aviso

Para obtener una copia de un incidente policial o accidente de tráfico, envíenos una carta con la siguiente información:



Número de teléfono

Fecha del incidente

Número de incidente (si tiene esta información)

Ubicación del incidente

Incluya un cheque, giro postal u orden de dinero por $15, este es el costo por incidente o accidente.  EL pago se hace a nombre de la "Ciudad de Allentown". 

También se requiere un sobre estampado con dirección propia del remitente o persona quien está solicitando la copia del reporte. 

Enviar por correo a:


Departamento de Policía de Allentown

ATTN: Police Records

425 Hamilton Street

Allentown, PA 18101


Departamento de Policía de Allentown

ATTN: Oficina de Tráfico

425 Hamilton Street

Allentown, PA 18101

 NOTA: El Servicio Postal de los Estados Unidos está corriendo con cierto tiempo de retraso.

Tenga en cuenta que su solicitud puede no llegar a nuestro Departamento de manera oportuna.

Los reportes o incidentes se procesan y envían por correo diariamente.

Por favor, sea paciente. 

Pedimos disculpas por cualquier inconveniente que esto puede causar.

También puede elegir mandar su solicitud vía correo URGENTE (PRIORITY MAIL) u otro servicio Postal si desea que su solicitud llegue más rápido.

Si tiene preguntas acerca de su incidente policial llame a la oficina de Staff al

610-437-7709 Extensiones 2314, 2312 o 2227

Si tiene preguntas acerca de su accidente llame a la oficina de Tráfico al 

 610-437-7705 Extensión 2317

Si desea una copia de un informe de Arresto, comuníquese con el secretario de Derecho (Solicitor’s office) de la Ciudad de Allentown

Police Records receives, processes, and classifies (UCR), distributes and files all police reports generated by the department.   Police Records responds to all requests for information, statistics, and report copies from department personnel, other city bureaus, other law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, citizens, and many other sources.

Police Records is required to maintain the privacy and security of records in compliance with legal requirements, departmental procedures, Municipal Records Act, Freedom of Information Act, and the Criminal History Record Information Act.   Inventory, storage, maintenance, security, and expungement of records also falls under the responsibility of Police Reords.

A monthly control, validation, and auditing of reports entered into the CLEAN system is also performed by the Officer in charge of Police Reocrds.

  • Special Event Permits and Block Party Permits are processed through Police Records.  A Block Party Permit form is provided to citizens interested in closing a city street for a neighborhood block party.  The requirement for the block party  is that the individual applying for the permit must show a valid ID providing proof that they reside at the listed street they wish to close.  The Block Party form must be signed by 75 percent of the neighbors on the street and returned to Police Records no less than ten days prior to the event.  The completed form is reviewed by a police Captain, who either approves or denies the permit.  The cost of an approved block party permit is ten dollars. Please see this application for further instructions. 
  • Police Reports can be obtained by the public at Police Reords, located on the College Street side of the Public Safety Building (425 W. Hamilton St), at the cost of fifteen dollars.  The requirements are that the individual requesting a copy of the police report has to be named on the police report.  Valid photo ID is required by the person requesting a copy of the report.  At this time, reports can be purchased with cash, personal or business checks, and money orders.  
  •  Arrest reports and investigative supplements are not available to the public.  Please contact the Right to Know clerk in Solictor's Office. 

If you would like to request your criminal history, please read these instructions.

Right to Know: Please see the FAQs for further information.  Download the Right to Know Request Form.

Contact Information

Officer Kim Heffelfinger

Phone: (610) 437-7709
Fax: (610) 437-7706


For background checks: