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Nominate an Outstanding Youth

Nominate an Outstanding Youth

For the eighth consecutive year, the City of Allentown is looking to recognize outstanding young persons across the city.

Launched in 2012, the “Catch a Young Person Doing Something Right” campaign honors the numerous young people who contribute to the well-being of Allentown.

“There are young people across this city making positive contributions in their neighborhoods, schools and organizations,” said Mayor Ray O’Connell. “As a middle school principal, I saw those every single day. The Catch a Young Person Doing Something Right program is an opportunity for members of organizations and neighborhoods to show how much they appreciate them. I urge city residents and others to take a little time to fill out a form to nominate the youth of the city who make them proud.”

Residents are encouraged to submit names of youth they’ve “caught doing something right” in one of the following three categories:

Volunteerism – For assisting someone or improving a neighborhood or the community in general

Scholastic Achievement – Notable academic improvement and/or academic excellence

Going Over and Beyond the Call of Duty – for doing more than following the rules, such as making a good decision even when peers chose otherwise. For showing leadership skills, critical thinking, problem solving, maturity or conflict resolution.

Criteria: Youth ages 7-18 years old, group nominations are welcomed; nominees may not be nominated by themselves or a family member; nominees must live in Allentown or go to school in Allentown; scholastic achievement nominations must be for an Allentown school; only one nomination is permitted per person.

Nominations are due by Friday, February 1, 2019. Nomination forms can be requested via an email to, downloaded from the city website at;, or by phone 610-437-7743.

Completed nominations can be mailed to City of Allentown, c/o Mayor’s Office, 435 Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA 18101 or emailed to the email address previously listed.


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