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Employee Emergency Information

Since the issuance of Governor Wolf’s COVID-19 emergency declaration order in March, closing all non-essential and non-life sustaining businesses, many employees of the City of Allentown (the “City”) have been instructed to remain at home and away from work while continuing to receive full pay and benefits.  Those temporary steps were deemed necessary and appropriate at that time based on the initial belief that the emergency would be a period of a few weeks.  It was the City’s intention at that time to resume normal operations and recall all employees to work after the initial period.

The emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has continued and the Governor’s order has remained in place. Due to the continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Governor’s order, and the resulting lack of work and reduction of City revenues, the City now must take difficult but necessary steps ensure the stability of the City’s finances and to protect its workforce, residents and the public.

As of Monday, April 20, the following is in effect:

·       We have offered a voluntary Furlough, which will be implemented for those who are qualified to participate, and they will be contacted over the weekend.

·       In addition to the voluntary Furlough, we have mandated some additional employees to participate in the Furlough. There may be additional mandatory Furloughs commencing on Monday, April 27.

·       Those who are at home, who have been participating in training over the past three weeks will be required to use their leave time, commencing Monday, April 20. They will be required to use their vacation, personal or comp time (not including any CONVID-Comp they may have earned). Those who do not have leave time will be afford the opportunity to use time that is not yet accrued.

·       For the past three weeks, the City of Allentown has offered an extra 25% compensatory time for those who are working in Critical roles. Unfortunately, the financial conditions of the City of Allentown can no longer support this extra expense, and it will no longer be offered as of close of business on Friday, April 17.

Additional steps may be necessary in the future. The Administration is aware of the challenges our employees are facing, and the foregoing steps are being implemented in the hope of avoiding the need further action. Please free reach out to the Employee Assistance Program at 610-433-8550 for emotional support during these difficult times.  We will get through this together. Stay safe.

Please check back frequently for updates to this message.