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Six Nutrition & Physical Activity Policies

  1. 60 minutes physical activity/day, outside play is preferable
    For those youth-serving organizations providing only a few hours of programming (such as before- and after-school programs), assure a minimum of 10% of program time is spent in physical activity. For example: a 2 ½ - hour program must offer a minimum of 15 minutes of physical activity

  2. No screen time
    for children less than 2 years of age, and limit screen time (TV, video games, computer, iPads) for older children to 1-2 hours per day of educational programming or programming that fosters physical activity.

  3. No sugar-sweetened beverages
    No sodas/soft drinks containing caloric sweeteners; sports drinks, iced teas, fruit-based drinks.
    NOTE: Artificially-sweetened beverages are not recommended.
    Recommended: water, or 100% fruit juice (suggested limit 4-6 oz/day)

  4. Low fat (1%) or nonfat milk for children older than 2 years. Non-fat flavored milk is acceptable.

  5. Water must be accessible and available for children to drink throughout the day.

  6. Offer a fruit or vegetable at meal or snack time
    Fresh is recommended. Dried fruit is also acceptable. If using canned or frozen fruits and/or vegetables, avoid added sugars, syrups, and sauces.