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Food Service Applications

Applying for a Permanent Food Service Facility License

All facilities that prepare, serve, sell or give away food are required to have a food service establishment license issued by the Allentown Health Bureau. If you are planning to open a new facility or take over an existing facility, you MUST first contact the Allentown Health Bureau at 610-437-7759 to discuss requirements specific to your facility with a Sanitarian. At this time you will receive a unique identifier number that must be placed on the first page of the Food Service Plan Review Application. These applications will NOT be accepted without an identifier number.

The Food Service Plan Review Application requires a plan and equipment list. In addition, architectural plans which require 3rd party certification may be required; consult with your sanitarian about this requirement.  Preliminary plan reviews are available upon request before plans are sent for 3rd party certification. The Food Service Plan Review Application must be approved by the Allentown Health Bureau before construction can begin. Construction, electrical and plumbing permits are also required before doing any construction, renovation or installation of equipment. License fees are based on the size of the facility.

Changes of Ownership

A Food Service Plan Review Application is also required for ALL changes of ownership. Facilities undergoing changes of ownership with no construction, remodeling or alterations may be able to use the original plans on file at the Allentown Health Bureau. This can be determined during the initial consultation with a Sanitarian. Conditional fees are assessed if a new owner takes legal ownership of an existing food facility less than ten days before submitting a complete Plan Review Application. This provides the new owner with a conditional license as the current license held will no longer be valid. Existing licenses are not transferable.

Applying for a Temporary Food Service License

A temporary food license is required anytime food is served at a special event, festival, fair or fund raiser that is open to the public, whether or not the food is sold or given away. Specific equipment, food safety and food handling requirements must be followed to ensure the safety of the public that you are serving. Food safety guidelines are included with the license application. Applications must be submitted at least five (5) days prior to the event.

Applications received less than 5 days prior to the event are subject to a late fee. Your food stand will be inspected on the day of the event by a Sanitarian. When all requirements are satisfied, the temporary food license will be issued to you. Choose and print the appropriate application from the column on the right for the type of temporary food license that applies to your organization.

Applying for a Mobile Vendor License

The mobile vendor application process begins with the Department of Community and Economic Development. Contact the Business Development Liaison at (610) 439- 5964 to set up a meeting to discuss your mobile vending plan. During this preliminary meeting, you should be prepared to discuss where you would like to operate and your familiarity with health regulations. The mobile vendor application is available under Information & Forms, to the right.

Contact the Allentown Health Bureau at (610) 437-7599 for more information on health requirements.