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SpeakUp! Allentown

What is SpeakUp! Allentown?

SpeakUp! is an online platform that allows citizens to provide input easily online. The program does not replace your time at the podium or the traditional public hearing, but it can go a long way towards augmenting them and allowing greater interaction between residents, city staff and elected officials. SpeakUp! creates a space to engage a broader audience beyond in-person meetings.

Our SpeakUp! Allentown website allows citizens to create an online account, using your real name, physical address, and an email address. This account allows you to propose ideas and post responses on the web forum.

There are four basic sections of the website:

  1. Discussions: Discussions are online areas created to address specific initiatives. These provide a place for residents to post ideas or thoughts on a specific idea and comment on other people’s ideas.
  2. Forums: Forums are a variation of discussions, which allow for a little more give-and-take from users. They are more general than discussions and serve as a catch-all area for broad ideas.
  3. Idea Submissions: The idea page is where citizen engagement flows most freely. On this page residents are allowed to submit ideas that, perhaps, do not fall under one of the categories in a discussion or forum. Other residents can comment and vote in support of the idea as well. The ideas page also allows administrators to respond back to residents letting them know if an idea has been reviewed, considered, rejected or applied.