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Filing a Complaint

If you live or work in the City of Allentown, and feel you have been discriminated against, based on any protected class, you can file a complaint by emailing

The Human Relations Officer will discuss your concern, and if you would like to file a formal complaint, will set up an appointment for you to come into the office at Allentown City Hall (435 Hamilton Street).

If an appointment has been made for you, you will need to provide the following information during your appointment:

  • when the discrimination took place
  • who was involved
  • what happened
  • the basis on which the complaint will be filed


If this is an employment complaint, you will need to provide:

  • the full name and address of the employer
  • the approximate number of people employed at the business


If it is a public accommodation complaint (which means denial or unfair treatment in a business, agency or service provider), you will need to provide:

  • the name of the business or agency
  • the business/agency address


For a housing complaint, you will need to provide the following:

  • the name of your landlord
  • the address of your landlord
  • a copy of your lease


The Human Relations Commission investigator will be nonjudgmental. Investigators who speak both English and Spanish are available. Be sure to give all the facts and details to the investigator. Answer all questions fully. Provide any witnesses or documents, such as a payroll slip or rent receipts, and be sure to keep your investigator advised of any change in your address or phone number. The investigator will determine if more information is needed and will help you to prepare a formal statement, which you will sign.

The Human Relations Officer is compelled to deal with housing complaints within 100 days. Complaints regarding employment and public accommodation can take longer.