Public Works: Recycling & Solid Waste
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Recycling & Solid Waste Mission Statement

To provide for safe and proper collection and disposal of municipal waste and reduction of municipal solid waste in the City through recycling, composting, and waste reduction. To promote a cleaner and greener Allentown.



CURRENT SCHEDULE: Tuesday and Friday night trash with Tuesday night recycling

NEW SCHEDULE:  GREEN ZONE: Sunday and Wednesday night trash with Sunday night recycling click here

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CURRENT SCHEDULE: Sunday and Wednesday night trash with Sunday night recycling

NEW SCHEDULE: YELLOW ZONE: Tuesday and Friday night trash with Tuesday night recycling click here

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CURRENT SCHEDULE: Sunday and Wednesday night trash with Wednesday night recycling

NEW SCHEDULE:  BLUE ZONE: Tuesday and Friday night trash with Friday night recycling click here

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Trash and Recycling Zone Change


The trash and recycling collection schedule is changing for center city and the east and south sides of Allentown.  Beginning August 10, 2014, the current trash collection zones in the city on a Sunday/Wednesday schedule will be switched to a Tuesday/Friday Schedule.  In turn, those currently on a Tuesday/Friday trash schedule will be switched to a Sunday/Wednesday schedule.

The change only involves pick-up nights.  Service measures such as twice a week trash collection, one bulk item a week, once a week recycling collection and street cleaning will not change.

The change eliminates trash and bulk items on sidewalks on Friday nights in key downtown areas.  Trash related problems in the downtown area currently cannot be addressed until Mondays.  The change will allow the Bureau of Recycling and Solid Waste to investigate problems in a timely manner.  Also, the current street sweeping schedule will now coordinate with the new center city collection nights, resulting in a cleaner city.

Please place out your trash between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm on the night of your collection

Recycling & Solid Waste Info

This program provides for the safe, efficient, and cost effective collection and disposal of municipal waste, recyclables, and yard waste from approximately 36,000 households, 400 small businesses, and City facilities. The bureau aims to reduce the City’s municipal solid waste stream by a minimum of 40% and comply with PA Act 101 (mandatory residential and commercial recycling law).

This Bureau operates a recycling drop off center and yard waste site, and manages the Allentown Clean and Green and Graffiti Busters programs to reduce the incidence of litter and graffiti. The Bureau monitors the Dorney Road (Oswald) Landfill Superfund Site.
Objectives of this program include:
  • Maintain residential and commercial recycling participation rates above 90% and contamination rates below 7% through active education and enforcement efforts.
  • Reduce the amount of waste land-filled through recycling and trash collection limits.
  • Increase waste diversion through the operation of the Recycling Drop Off Center and yard waste site.
  • Install, maintain, and provide collection from approximately 250 Big Bellies and 400 litter receptacles.
  • Administer the commercial trash and recycling collection program as a service to small businesses.
  • Support recycling market development efforts
  • Develop and maintain accurate monitoring and reporting systems.
  • Maximize grant funding and increase alternative revenue sources.
  • Achieve a cleaner and greener City through community involvement, education, cleaning and enforcement.
  • Eradicate graffiti from public and private property and prevent graffiti through education and enforcement.



SWEEP provides complaint and pro-active, outreach, education and enforcement of Allentown’s municipal waste, recycling and neighborhood improvement ordinances. Residents, property owners and business owners are informed of the ordinance requirements and SWEEP officers address trash, litter and recycling problems to attain compliance. The officers educate, issue warnings, SWEEP violation tickets and citations for non-compliance. The program also administers the system to track complaints and SWEEP tickets issued, collect ticket revenue, and is the administrator for other City bureaus: Engineering, Health, Allentown Police Department and Animal Control for a variety of violations, including noise, snow removal, animal issues, etc.

Neighborhood Improvement Ordinance
Part 7 - Article 720

Solid Waste & Recycling Ordinance
Part 11 - Articles 1131, 1137 & 1139

Frequently asked Questions:
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  • Not sure what night your garage and/or recycling night is.
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