Health Bureau


The Allentown Health Bureau's mission is to prevent disease and injury and to protect and promote the public's health.

Board of Health

An advisory group of community volunteers responsible for recommending policies and program priorities of the Bureau. The board meets the first Thursday bi-monthly at 12:00 Noon

 Public Health is for Everyone. The three core functions of public health are:
  • Assessment of the population's health status
  • Development of public policies to maintain and promote health
  • Assurance that the population has access to public health services

Click the green bars below to learn more about the services offered by the Allentown Health Department.

Communicable Disease Control Services

  - Investigation of all reported communicable diseases
  - Treatment services for sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis
  - Immunizations for adults and senior citizens
  - Communicable disease prevention education
  - Confidential HIV (AIDS virus) counseling and testing

Communicable Disease: 610-437-7569
TB Services: 610-437-7632
STD/HIV Services: 610-437-7742

Child/Adolescent Health Services

  - Childhood immunizations
  - Lead poisoning detection and educational programs
  - Home health visits and patient advocacy
  - Maternal and child health education and support
  - Child care center inspections
  - Educational and referral services for children with special health needs
  - Dental referral service and oral health education (for children aged 3-18 years)
  - Free pregnancy testing

Immunizations: 610-437-7754
Childhood Lead Poisoning: 610- 437-8777
Referrals: Dental/Special Needs: 610-437-7615
Home Visits & Health Education: 610-437-7615
Pregnancy Testing: 610-437-8777

Chronic Disease Division

Cancer Prevention: 610-437-7513
  - Free mammogram appointments for uninsured women 40 years of age & older
  - Free Pap test appointments for uninsured women 21 years of age & older
  - Cancer prevention and early detection presentations

Nutrition and Physical Activity: 610-437-7581
  - Cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure screening with follow-up nutrition counseling
  - Fitness program for overweight youth ages 8 - 14
  - Nutrition counseling for overweight youth
  - Summer recreation program for youth ages 7 - 13
  - Community education programs 

Environmental Health Services

Food Protection Services: 610-437-7759
  - Licensing and inspection of all permanent food facilities and those at temporary events
   - Foodborne disease surveillance
   - Food service worker training and education
   -  Education about safe food handling

Institutional Sanitation & Safety Services
: 610-437-7759
  - Inspection of child care, public swimming pool, school and nursing home facilities

Environmental Control Services: 610-437-7759
  - Consultation services for environmental health issues
   - Investigation and correction of public health nuisances
   - Environmental investigations of childhood lead poisoning

Childhood Injury Prevention Services: 610-437-7598
  - Home safety surveys and education
  - Playground inspections
   - Firearm safety education
   - Violence prevention activities
   - Safe kids coalition.

Adult Injury Prevention Services: 610-437-7598
  - Home safety surveys and education
  - Presentations for community groups

Community Clinics

The following clinics are conducted at the Allentown Health Bureau located in Alliance Hall, 245 N. 6th Street.

Click the clinic names below to learn more.

Immunization Clinics

Phone: 610-437-7754

For city children ages 2 months - 18 years by appointment only during the following times:

  - Wed. 1:30 - 4 PM
  - Thr.  8:30 - 11:45 AM
  - Thr.  4 - 6 PM (once a month)

For city adults by appointment only on Fridays from 1:30 - 4 PM

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Clinic

Walk-in (includes full STD exam and HIV blood test) on the following days:

  - Tue. 1 -4 PM*

 Free for both City of Allentown residents and non-city residents

*The number of patients accepted into clinic is subject to provider availability.

HIV/Syphillis Testing Clinic

Phone: 610-437-7742 Walk-in only at the following times:

  - Tue. 1 - 5 PM
  - Thr. 2 - 4 PM

 Free testing for both City of Allentown residents and non-City residents.  No appointment is necessary.

Early Pregnancy Testing Clinic

Phone: 610-437-7754

Walk-in only on Thursdays from 2-4 PM. No appointments necessary.

Tuberculosis Clinic

Phone: 610-437-7632

For City residents on the following days:  

  - Mon. 2 - 4 PM

TB Doctor Clinic - once a month by appointment only