What is the Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ)?

The NIZ consists of approximately 130 acres located in center city Allentown and along the western side of the Lehigh River. The guidelines provide incentives for hiring locally, using local products and materials, and ensure the business has a plan to offset any increased demand for municipal services such as utilities, public safety and public works.

No additional taxes will be required to build or operate a business within the special tax designation area. Instead, the state’s taxes a business would pay normally including employee state wage taxes will be placed into a special fund that is overseen by the state treasurer. These monies initially will be used by the City to pay off its loans or bonds floated to build the arena.

Doing Business in Allentown’s Neighborhood Improvement Zone - brochure

Learn more by viewing Allentown's Master Plan  (spanish version click here) (pdf - 4 Mb)

General Presentation: Information on How the NIZ Works

Presentation: "Putting the NIZ in Perspective"

Map of the NIZ area

First Project - The Arena:

To determine the feasibility of the Arena project several important studies were conducted.  For information on each, see below:

1. Phase I Environmental

2. Geotechnical

Businesses/Companies in the Neighborhood Improvement Zone:

Lehigh Gas, which announced they will be locating their corporate headquarters here in downtown Allentown and bringing 70 jobs with them, with an anticipated addition of another 70 to 80 jobs.

Local developer plans to build a mult-use development, expected to draw hundreds of new workers to the city.