A Landlord Hall of Shame Committee has been established, consisting of the following members: Director Building Standards and Safety, Housing Rehab Supervisor, Housing Supervisor, Construction Code Superintendent, a representative from Zoning, and a representative from Recycling. This committee will meet on a regular basis and choose a city landlord for recommendation to the mayor for selection as an esteemed member of the "Landlord Hall of Shame."  This committee will review all city owned properties of the selected landlord and complete a checklist of all current offenses against the city. This checklist will serve as an historical record and documentation for selection.

Criteria for Nomination:
A landlord may be nominated for the landlord hall of shame based upon the following criteria.

• Delinquent Fees (water/sewer, rental, taxes, business license, privilege tax)
• Declared a nuisance per the Property Rehabilitation and Maintenance Code, anti-litter, zoning and city abated nuisance, liened.
• Registration/License revocation (warnings)
• Rental units tagged as unfit (either condition or illegal)
• Relocation paid by city to displaced tenants
• Tenant "testimonials"
• Neighbor "testimonials"
• DCR's issued (and history)
• Health issues (solid waste, animals, etc.)
• Building issues (no permits, no plans)
• Police issues
• Fire issues




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