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PA Environmental Hearing Board (EHB)

Motion to Dismiss

What does it mean?

First, The Blending Proposal has not been rejected. 

The City still has no answer to its question, “Specifically whether blending is allowed to eliminate overflows and to comply with the Administrative Orders (AO).”

Why did the City appeal to the EHB?

Two comments (outlined below), which could have been perceived as ‘directives’ required the City to challenge or lose the ability to challenge at a later date.  If we had not appealed, the regulatory agencies could have considered our lack of challenge as acceptance of their comments.

1.    AO planning meeting (9/12/2016) attended by the EPA, PADEP, LCA, and the City, where a PaDEP employee stated that his understanding was that the Department regulations prohibited blending.

2.   EPA Region III Consensus letter, (9/30/2016), “PADEP explained that “blending would be inappropriate”

In summary, the EHB did not decide the blending issue; it dismissed the City’s appeal of an interpretation. 

The City will likely file a PaDEP permit application that includes blending and then await a written decision.

Opinion and Order on Motion to Dismiss EHB Docket 2016 144 M

EPA AO Status Update Public Meeting: November 9, 2016 PowerPoint

EPA - Experts Forum on Public Health Impacts of Wet Weather Blending - Blending and Wet Weather Operations: An Engineering Perspective


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