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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement, known as the Bureau of Building Standards and Safety provides for the administration and enforcement of the city’s building, plumbing and electrical codes which apply to construction, alterations, additions, repair, removal, demolition, use, location, occupancy or maintenance of all buildings, structures and service equipment. For more information please call 610 437-7696. Common Code Violations

Disruptive Conduct Reports
Tenants that do not abide by their "covenants and obligations" and who receive three Disruptive Tenant Reports within 12 months are subject to eviction. The full description of DCR's can be found in the City of Allentown's Property Rehabilitation and Maintenance Code, Section 1759.02 Landlord and Rental. An excerpt is below.
Tenants "shall not engage in, nor tolerate nor permit others engage in "disruptive conduct: which is defined as "any form of conduct, action, incident or behavior perpetrated, caused or permitted by any occupant or visitor of a residential rental unit that is so loud, untimely (as to hour of the day), offensive, riotous or that otherwise disturbs other persons of reasonable sensibility in their peaceful enjoyment of their premises or causes damage to said premises, such that a report is made to a Police Officer and/or a Public Officer complaining of such conduct, action, incident, or behavior.