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Catch a Young Person Doing Something Right

The City of Allentown is looking to honor outstanding young persons in the community.

Launched in 2012, the “Catch a Young Person Doing Something Right” campaign is a way to recognize the numerous young people who contribute to the well-being of Allentown. According to Mayor Ed Pawlowski, “Allentown is fortunate to have many committed individuals and that desire extends to our young residents too.  The campaign is a way of showing our appreciation.” Residents are encouraged to submit names of youth they’ve “caught doing something right” in one of the following three categories:

  • Volunteerism – For assisting someone or improving a neighborhood or the community in general.
  • Scholastic Achievement – Notable academic improvement and/or academic excellence.
  • Going Over and Beyond the Call of Duty – for doing more than following the rules, such as making a good decision even when peers chose otherwise.  For showing leadership skills, critical thinking, problem solving, maturity or conflict resolution.


  • Youth ages 7-18 years old, group nominations are welcomed; nominees may not be nominated by themselves or a family member; nominees must live in Allentown or go to school in Allentown; scholastic achievement nominations must be for an Allentown school; only one nomination is permitted per person.
Nominations are due by February 3, 2017. Nomination forms