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Residents Urged to Follow Guidance

Residents Urged to Follow Guidance

COVID-19 case counts are climbing rapidly across Pennsylvania.  Allentown Mayor Ray O’Connell and Allentown Health Director Vicky Kistler ask the citizens of Allentown to follow guidelines and help contain the spread of COVID-19 and therefore protect our valuable hospital resources. You can do your part by:


  • Eat out, eat local but do so only at establishments that follow social distancing, masking and other COVID containment measures. Consider ordering take out, and pick-up that take out wearing your mask.
  • Do not eat in a tent with 3 or 4 walls – it is not outdoor dining, and it is not permitted
  • Eat only with your household members. Removing a mask while sitting close to friends to eat only increases your risk of infection.
  • Spend your money in establishments that work hard to protect you and to protect their staff – they need and deserve your business. Walk out of others that do not keep you safe.
  • Employers, please close your break rooms and encourage folks to eat at their desks, in their cars or stagger shifts to prevent folks from being too close together while eating.
  • Report Allentown eating establishments that do not keep people safe on the “Allentown 311 Quick Reporter” mobile app. Fines may be issued.


  • Visit one of our beautiful parks
  • Put those who live in your house in the car and drive thru Lights in the Parkway which opens November 27 or any other stay in your car holiday experience
  • Drive by homes of friends and relatives with decorated signs to spread cheer
  • Attend religious services if you desire but only if social distancing and masking requirements are being followed.
  • Have picnics in the car – the drive -up restaurants were hugely popular years ago and kids may love the adventure of the picnic in the car
  • Visit one of the venues or museums that are open, require a ticket or reservation and adhere to practices that keep people safe.
  • Do not patronize bowling lanes, sporting events or venues where they do not require masking and protect patrons. If you attend, do not remove your mask and do not eat or drink. Report those in the city that do not comply on the “Allentown 311 Quick Reporter” mobile app.  Fines may be issued.
  • Postpone family events that put others at risk. It is hard to not gather to see a new baby or to celebrate a birthday but sacrificing a holiday or event now, may allow you to have many more to celebrate together in the future.

Learn more about keeping safe by visiting


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