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Bureau of Communications/9-1-1 Center

The City of Allentown 911 Center shall act as the nerve center for public safety and assistance in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s third-largest city, applying a professional, networked, and customer-focused approach to saving lives and protecting property within the City of Allentown.

The Operations Program of the Bureau of Communications is located at 1304 Fairview Street on the 1st floor. The Communications Center is the NERVE CENTER for public safety in the City of Allentown. The Communications Center’s primary function is to save lives and to protect the property of the citizens of Allentown. To accomplish this goal, it is the Center’s responsibility to receive and dispatch citizens’ requests for Police, Fire, EMS, Animal Control, and Parking Authority assistance, as soon as possible. 9-1-1 Dispatchers make every attempt to answer all telephones within three rings and dispatch all emergency calls within one minute from the time of receipt. The Center utilizes Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) on all EMS requests. This is accomplished by the Shift Supervisors and certified dispatchers using a pre-formatted guide during the call taking process for all medical emergencies. After obtaining basic information about the incident and dispatching the appropriate assistance, instructions can then be relayed to the caller to provide medical assistance to the patient, until first responders arrive on the scene.

The Communications Center is the primary monitoring location for the City video surveillance network. The Center has the capability to view and control all 168 cameras currently in the system. There are 4 video feeds from Muhlenberg College that are able to be viewed. The dispatch personnel utilize the camera system to monitor for criminal activities, verification and information enhancement for citizen reported complaints and for support of public safety personnel.

Other services the Communications Center provides are monitoring the fire alarm systems, both in City Hall and the Public Safety Building, as well as security alarms in City Hall. The Center is also responsible for City bureau and utility call-out notifications, during normal business hours in addition to after hours and weekends.

Contact Information
Gail Struss
Assistant Chief of Police
425 Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18101

Non-Emergency Calls

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