Records and Identification


  • Maintain the central repository for arrest records of individuals arrested for offenses committed in the City of Allentown.
  • Process arrest fingerprint cards using the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and maintain a file for these cards.
  • Maintain a file of the fingerprint cards of members.
  • Expunge criminal records when directed by court order.
  • Maintain a computer index file and retain copies of traffic accidents investigated and recorded by the Department. Provide copies to individuals and agencies authorized by the Vehicle Code to receive them.
  • Maintain a computer index file of Incident/Supplemental Investigative Reports and Non-Traffic Citations.
  • Update and maintain criminal identification files.
  • Photograph and fingerprint all suspects mandated by law.
  • Photograph and process evidence and crime scenes.
  • Produce member/employee identification and security badges.
  • Conduct preemployment criminal record checks.

Sergeant Geoffrey Phillips


(610) 437-7717

Fax (610) 437-7706